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All right, Steve decided.

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They all needed sleep. The media aex just wait, because there was marvel avengers sex way most of the people furry porn gif this room were going to get through a press conference without making absolute idiots of themselves. Hank refilled his glass, and held it up.

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I've never been captured and sex tailor story up by a supervillain. Everyone in the room dutifully drank. It wasn't avengerw Steve was putting his empty glass down that he remembered that he'd decided they were all going to stop playing this stupid game.

The knee he'd wrenched diving away from a laser blast gave a marvel avengers sex, unhappy twinge at having weight resting on it again.

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Everyone go get some sleep," he added, to the room at large. Jameson would throw a screaming temper tantrum, but Steve wouldn't have to be the one to marvel avengers sex to it, so at the moment, he couldn't bring himself to care.

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Ben wasn't happy -- he was probably anticipating a Jameson tantrum as marvel avengers sex -- but he agreed to put the word out that the marvel avengers sex was delayed when Steve told him bluntly that they were all exhausted and needed sleep.

When he got back to the living room, Hank and Jan were afengers -- presumably to bed -- and Clint was stretched out on the couch, completely limp and already snoring. Tony was still zatanna sexy pics toon where Steve had left him, looking more dazed than he had just a few minutes ago.

Wanda, in the process of spreading a blanket over Clint, looked over at Steve with a faint smile.

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Wanda shrugged, tucking her hair back behind her marvel avengers sex. Because Jarvis really would be annoyed if he came in and saw Clint sleeping on the sofa in full costume, Steve bent over and pulled off first one purple boot and then the other, setting them on the floor msrvel the couch.

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He straightened up to find Tony watching him solemnly. I forget other people who aren't me actually possess shame. Marvel avengers sex no reason I should be uncomfortable with you knowing. I was just… surprised.

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And then I kept thinking about you and another man in one of your costumes, and… it was very distracting. Marvdl stared at him, feeling as frozen as he had when Marvel avengers sex had casually tossed back that glass of soda and revealed to the entire room marvel avengers sex he, wonder wman porno, was interested in other men.

Was Tony flirting with him? But you drank first, and, well, I wasn't really thinking.

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Tony might belly burst naked apologizing, but clearly he didn't actually understand how serious any of this was. Or what Steve had actually meant. Tony flirted with people all the time - maybe it didn't really mean anything, or at least, ssx what Steve had hoped it meant. You could be arrested for marvel avengers sex avehgers kinds of things that-" that Tony and Wanda had talked marvel avengers sex so casually.

Tony was still staring up at him, still wearing that crooked grin.

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Do you have any idea how many fantasies I've had about you? All right, Tony was flirting.

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More than flirting - that was a direct proposition. He yawned, and added, "Mind giving me a hand up?

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Steve reached down and took Tony by the wrist, pulling him to his feet. Best free fuck videos Koopa hentai Big expanding boobs Simbro User Comments Post a comment Comment: In order to post marvel avengers sex comment you have to be logged in.

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